Full Moon in Leo / Lunar Eclipse 02/10-11/17

 There are many changes that are taking place, on our planet and in our society.  With every action there is a reaction, regardless how big or little the event. There may still be some feelings of stagnation whether that is occurring within yourself or your environment. 


For the last 2 weeks we have been in the shadow period; preparing for energy that is soon to arrive. How you generate this passionate and creative force is entirely up to you. There’s a certain aspect in each of our lives that needs more balance. The universe is now slowing us down to reveal the bigger picture. With the steady energy, we all have opportunity for growth.


The Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon appears darkened, as it passes into the earth's shadow. What realizations need to surface, so that you can move forward? This is where the Leo energy comes in to play, action-oriented and driven by desire. Once these energies have pushed us through this shadowed period, it’s time to put both hands on the staring wheel and keep right.


Personally, I have been trying my hardest to get comfortable with the uncertainty, and I can say that I’ve been executing this, and I do so with grace. Dear Friends, get clear and honest about the adjustments that need to be made, so that you can expand yourself as an individual.