A lot can happen in a year. Take a second. Think back to what has happened to you yesterday, the day before that, three months before that, and so on and so forth. Do you eat the same foods? Do you talk to the same people? Do you still love the same people the way you once did? What is new? What has stayed the same? Change is inevitable, so if you've seen no change or growth in yourself at all within the past year, then perhaps you have been stuck within yourself. I mean, it is nearly impossible to scroll through Twitter without seeing all the things happening in the world and in other peoples lives. To be fair, a few of these things (good or bad) have helped me get up and start a new day. Humans are more transparent on social media than in real life. Topics and issues that you may not want to be the first to discuss gets brought up, someway, somehow; and you (behind your keyboard), are free to join the conversation. Before I get off track here, it is essential to let you know that this isn't about to be a piece about the latest social injustice hashtag (though this is a very important conversation to have), my writings will literally be the conversations that I have with myself. Yes, I fucking talking to myself. I may or may not be borderline crazy, but I guess you will help me figure that out. These posts will be personal, and happen whenever I feel like. I am a singer, song writer, not so much a writer, writer (black people always repeating words twice as if that helps clarify what the hell it means; but somehow it does, so I do it). With that being said, I may sound like I am rambling, but I’m just nervous. Letting outsiders into my mind, into my world. I spend a lot of alone time here, but it’s always nice to have visitors. I’m pretty much just about done the first quarter of my life, (yes this is assuming i’m going to live until 100) and I still don’t know who I am, I am still trying to find my purpose. A lot can happen in one year, but even more can happen in 23.