Peace of Mind in Pisces

A New Moon phase is finally upon us, and although we are only three months into 2017, major changes have occurred. This may have resulted in deep clarity in some shadowed areas of our lives. The energy is now in Pisces, and this will have on impact on intuition, adaptability and creativity. The Piscean is a compassionate dreamer, with extreme faith. All of us will have the chance to embody these traits over the next 4 weeks. Before we wrap up this first quarter, focus on what you still need to release emotionally, physically ,spiritually and mentally as this release will help set the tone for the next 6 months.


 These messages are being delivered through my own personal experience and I’ve learned that my manifestations and intentions need to be extra clear in order to receive exactly what I’m wishing for. Asserting your position in the world will help you attract whatever is for your highest good. Be the best version of yourself every day no matter how big or small your plate is.


Word is Bond