This Bitch Could Cause A Storm

Walking around little shops in Kensington.

Strong coffee with my Sunday morning spliff...

Long drags

Bags under my eyes, but none on my arms...

Can't afford designer names, I'll keep that cash in my pocket

and a crystal too, when I'm feeling in need of protection

No sunglasses

Staring out the windows to my soul 

I don't care how red my eyes are, I need to soak up all of the light

Just a tank top, fuck a bra

Let my tits sag

Occasionally causing jaws to drop 

Like you've never seen a woman so gracefully unable to give a fuck

Ever since I decided I'd rather feel comfortable, than change, to make you feel comfortable.

I respond to catcalls like a dog

Are you mad because I'm off the leash? 

You thought I did this shit for you? 

Just enjoy the weather, honey.

This bitch could cause a storm.