Simplicity In Fitness

I have always had this strong belief that you could achieve anything you desired without sticking to the status quo. I grew up on the foundation of dance, always expressing with my body, dance was my first love. In 2017 I was determined to find new ways to challenge my body. I started developing more of a love for Fitness, especially during the darker times in my life, and the last time I was in that place I realized, all planes of motion were the foundation to my future. I knew how to move my body, but I wanted to know more about the science of movement. Fitness felt like a long time answer that I had been ignoring for years, and the more I heal, the more I discover that there’s something SO empowering about constantly building your self-worth, and discipline internally and externally.

When I finally decided to step fully into the fitness world, I caught myself having anxiety and tension with just a thought of the gym. Why? Simply because of the expectations I placed on myself. The existence of this type of facility was supposed to initiate a healthier life. Movement is a gift, and once you take the time for your body, it can really surprise you. Our bodies are made to adapt to whatever we put it through, and I am a firm believer that the universe is mental. Now that I am exploring more of the scientific side of movement, I’ve released myself from fitness industry, social media standards and expectations, by taking more of a holistic approach. In the beginning, I was very overwhelmed by what I thought I should be doing, as a soon to be fitness professional. 2018 has gifted many with a new spark of imagination. Forcing us to shut out the noise and do what works best for us mentally and physically. I shortly developed a love for body-weight training by indulging in home workouts. I had limited equipment but enough to achieve my short-term fitness goal. Being realistic, patient and dedicated will always reap awards if the seed is planted and watered. A reminder that you aren't built to look like anyone else but you, and It takes time to find a fitness regimen that truly works for you. The time is now to be your own best version of healthy, and if that’s better than the day before, celebrate you! 

You don't need 2 hours for an effective workout. Give yourself 30 - 60 mins and that includes the warm-up. Pick 3-5 (or more if you’re feeling saucy) exercises for your desired muscle group, then perform the exercises with high repetitions (8 or more) and repeat. Finding new ways to shake up the perspective on fitness, one post at a time.

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