Manifestation 101

The theory of 'Law of Attraction" has received it's share of flack throughout the years, especially after the sensation of "The Secret" became popularized (you can watch it on Netflix if you're unfamiliar with it). Besides the fact that the whole thing may come off as being a bit corny, it sparked a fair bit of outrage and scepticism. Many people criticized the idea that you can intervene over your fate with your thoughts; many considered this idea sacrilegious. Others believed it to be a far-fetched and over-simplistic concept -- that if you believe you can have something, it will just magically appear. The truth is, that is an over-simplistic understanding of the Law of Attraction. There is more to manifesting your fate than simply thinking about your desires. Furthermore, this doesn't mean we can interfere with the fate of God through our thoughts. In my opinion, it's more about aligning with the fate of God. 

With every ideology, there will inevitably be critiques that follow. The ironic part is, if you believe it's all a hoax, it's not going to work for you anyway. I think that the mainstream ideas of Law of Attraction have taken away from understanding the true power of manifestation. Manifestation is more than just recognizing your desires, it's about the embodiment of them, and tuning your whole vibration to their attainment. Manifestation requires your full belief in miracles. Before elaborating on this, I'd like to share my personal experience with manifestation and goals. 

As a music artist, my journey continues to be a path of many ups and downs. I've often heard within the music industry that there's no guaranteed formula for success. I do agree that everyone's journey is different, and you can't simply imitate what worked for someone else. Though I've put endless efforts into my own strategizing, oddly enough, some of my biggest achievements have been seemingly random. For example, there have been several occasions when I've wanted a new single to premiere on a blog, to attract more publicity for the song. I've sent out tons of cold emails and researched different contact techniques. After weeks of desperately trying to make it happen without any leads, I'll decide it's time to just let it go and just release the damn song. Now at this point, there's been a fine line between "giving up" vs. letting go and believing that my song will reach the people it's supposed to reach regardless. When I've chosen the latter, a few times it would go something like this: the next day I'll randomly bump into someone, I'll mention what I've been up to and they'll tell me they know the editor of the blog I've been trying to contact, and that they'll put me in direct contact. Without a publicist, I've had a fair bit of success gaining placements through my own efforts. But honestly, this is usually the "formula": Figure out what I want to achieve, do everything in my power to achieve it, and when I've done all I can, just surrender and wait for divine intervention. Some say it's merely a coincidence, but I truly believe it has everything to do with my belief systems and the vibrational frequency I'm giving off.  

A few of my peers have asked me how I've landed certain gigs, or media placements, and I try my best to offer explanations. The truth is, my belief is that I've attracted them. Likewise, I also can see how I've attracted certain failures and mistakes in my career. During times of self-doubt, I've noticed I usually receive the most amount of criticism, rejection and overall lack of response. Placing your value in the reactions of others is a whole other topic I could get into for another time. However, I also believe sometimes rejections are just re-directions to a different path that is more aligned to our greater purpose. I still have a lot I want to accomplish career-wise, and this just goes to show that I still have work to do in regards to my own belief systems and vibrational frequency. In other words, I haven't "attracted" everything I've set out to do quite yet. Let me tell you, you could create a masterpiece, but if deep down you hold unconscious fears of success, or belief that you're unworthy, or even entitlement issues - prepare for things to not go as you'd planned. On the positive side, there are a few techniques I've seen that tend to allow for greater abundance. They've worked in my own life, so here they are...

Know What You Want.

Sounds simple enough, but sometimes our conflicting beliefs stop us from even starting. Get specific about what makes you feel good, rather than what you believe your goals should be or what other people expect of you. Most people can't get past this stage until they get real about why they've chosen a certain path. Your goals need to be authentic if you expect to feel any real fulfillment. If your goals make you feel sick to your stomach, it's probably a good idea to examine them further. Are you living for someone's else's expectations? Do you want something because it will help you advance in your journey, or are you just seeking outside validation? Make sure you're being honest with yourself about what you really want. Your goals should make you feel good. Something Tony Robbins often says in his coaching is: "See it the way you want it, not how you hope it works. See it working." To me this means, don't downsize your goal to make it more "realistic", that only attaches fear and doubt to it. Own your goal proudly, and know that the achievement allows you to reach your higher purpose in this world. If this seems overwhelming, start small and build up to bigger goals. You have to be confident about what you want. 

Faith & Gratitude That it's Yours.

This is more of a reiteration of the previous part, but repetition is key here. Desiring something can be a tricky thing, because often times you're really sending energetic waves of "lack" into the universe. Your desperation sends this message out: "I don't have what I want, and I really really want it, but I don't have it yet, and I don't know why it's not happening..." You have to get out of a victim mentality with your desires. Gratitude is important, because you need to give thanks for what you already have. The focus can't just be about what you don't have. Instead, the message you want to send out is: "I'm so exciting that I get to receive more of my blessings. I'm so grateful for what I already have and for what is coming next." Instead of thinking this goal is far away, believe it's already yours, and send out gratitude for it as if someone had already given it to you. Faith and gratitude are the bottom line here. 

Visualization & Emotion.

To follow up on having faith, many people believe that seeing is believing. In this case, seeing it does help you to believe it's going to happen. Visualization is an important tool for getting comfortable with your belief systems. Our thoughts are energy, and here's where the part comes in about creating your own reality. It's kinda like when you obsess over having a certain pair of shoes, and then you start noticing those shoes everywhere you go. Visualization helps bring your goals to the forefront of your reality. When you visualize your goals, picture it happening to you the way you want it to happen, and attach positive emotions to it. Feel the way it makes you feel...feel the gratitude and joy it brings you. Meditation visualizations are also great for getting you into a state where you can focus on the emotions and tap into them. Be consistent with it, do it every morning or evening (or both). Also, often times, it doesn't actually play out how you pictured, but that doesn't matter. It's not so much the "how" it's more about the "why." Why does it make you feel so good? It's also about getting comfortable receiving. Believe it or not, just as some people don't feel comfortable receiving compliments, we can push away our blessings by feeling uncomfortable about receiving them. Recognize your worthiness to receive. Affirmations can also help with this. For example: 

"My blessings come to me easily and freely"

 "I attract abundance into my life"

"The Universe supports me in the achievement of my goals"

Align Yourself. 

This is another way of saying, DO THE WORK. Some goals come more easily than others, but regardless, you have to be willing to put yourself out there for it. If your goal is to pass your exam, and you don't study, you're not actually aligning yourself with your goal. Your visualization and affirmation practices should help you to get the work done in small steps. If the work is difficult, try visualizing yourself studying and grasping the concepts more easily than you normally would. Believe that you will have the mental breakthroughs necessary to push forward. A major key to manifestation is the mental strength, discipline and endurance to keep going, even when things don't seem to be happening. To achieve something, spiritual practices don't excuse you from being dedicated to working towards the goal. There will always be challenges, but it's more about aligning your perspective to the work. Hard work doesn't have to feel hard. Get out of the mind state that achieving goals requires you to struggle. Get out of the habit of forcing outcomes. It's just as important to enjoy the process and be present during this phase, as it is to reach the goal.


When you've done everything you can do, let go. Again, this doesn't mean you're giving up, it just means you're choosing to surrender your control over the situation. Trying to push when you've reached your limit is only going to cause you frustration, and that's not what you want to attract. Remember, if you already believe it's going to happen for you, then you don't need to fuss about how or when. Allow for divine timing. Sometimes what we think we want is not actually what we need. Often times, things don't play out how we expect them to. If they did, everyone would be manifesting whatever they wanted all the time and there would be no surprises. Know when to let go and wait for divine intervention. You may realize that your goal didn't end up in the outcome you wanted, but something else better than you could have imagined happened instead. 

If this process was simple, everyone would be doing it. It takes a lot of focus to keep your vibration positive and joyful, but it's definitely possible. Things won't be perfect, but thats not the point. Manifestation is meant to enhance your life, not cause you pain. Feel free to let me know your experiences with manifestation, and any tools or perspectives that have helped you out.