EP. 03 New Quarter...Who Dis?!

It's a new quarter! Time for a fresh start. This episode we share some of our New Year's resolutions and discuss ways we can make them sustainable for the whole year. 2018 is all about manifestation!

This Episode Featuring:

Mackenta @Mackentamusic

 Tabisha @Tabishabond / @Wellfitbond

 Courtney @Mirrorssmoke

 Ashleeca @LexxieAshleeca

 Ali @A.claire

Some things we discuss on this episode:
◦ How guilt and forgiveness can affect resolutions
◦ Incorporating Self-Care, especially when living with mental health issues
◦ Keeping your cup full and dealing with obligations
◦ Manifestations: How does "law of attraction" really work?

Thanks for listening and good luck with your resolutions ♥ 
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Special Thank you to UforChange for allowing us to use your space for our discussions. UforChange is a non-for profit organization, which aims to mentor youth in their artistic and aspirational pursuits, in an inclusive community. Follow UforChange @UforChange