EP. 02 Supporting Sisterhood

Our second episode is all about sisterhood and the feminine experience. Mackenta, Courtney & Ali discuss the #MeToo Campaign and more. Then, Ashleeca, Tabisha and Michelle join in to talk about creating supportive circles.  

Mackenta @Mackentamusic

 Tabisha @Tabishabond / @Wellfitbond

 Courtney @Mirrorssmoke

 Ashleeca @LexxieAshleeca

 Ali @A.claire

Michelle @djmoneyjane 

Some things we discuss on this episode:
◦ We talk about the significance of Sisterhood & the Feminine Experience in our lives
◦ The implications of the #MeToo campaign and how it affected women. This branched into a range of subjects like toxic masculinity, rape culture, porn culture, consent, and sexual education
◦ What is feminism and do we need it to support each other?
◦ How to support other women and how to feel supported 

Thanks for listening and wishing you a Happy New Year ♥ 
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