Ep. 07 Humanity & Truth in the Arts Ft. Khadijah Salawu

Episode 7 is featuring Khadijah Salawu. She is the founder of Run Regent, an Arts Educator, a Theatre major at UofT, and an overall kick-ass Creator. Mackenta asks Khadijah about some of her upcoming projects and throughout their conversation, they speak about the different ways in which humanity and truth are reflected in art.

This Episode Featuring:

Khadijah Salawu @Khadijahsalawu @Runregent 

Mackenta @Mackentamusic

Some things we discuss on this episode:

◦  We talk about Run Regent - an inclusive running club that helps bring out community and authenticity.

◦  Mackenta asks Khadijah to talk about the play she directed called, “I Can’t Trust Anyone, Everyone Hurts Me: A Comedy.” The play reflects on a celebrity favourite, who turns out to be hella problematic. We talk about our own personal reactions when discovering that a public figure we liked is behaving like trash. 

◦Khadijah explains the importance of encouraging imagination and safety in education. She also tells us why cultural education is in the best interest of everybody, not only POC. 

Special Thank you to UforChange for allowing us to use your space for our discussions. UforChange is a non-for profit organization, which aims to mentor youth in their artistic and aspirational pursuits, in an inclusive community. Follow UforChange @UforChange

Never stop imagining ♥