EP. 05 Multi-dimensional Beings

This episode we confront the reality that we are more than just "one thing". We discuss our experiences being multi-dimensional and multi-faceted humans...and how this can sometimes cause us to feel misunderstood. 

This Episode Featuring:

Mackenta @Mackentamusic

 Tabisha @Tabishabond / @Wellfitbond

 Courtney @Mirrorssmoke / Compasspoetry

Michelle @djmoneyjane

Some things we discuss on this episode:
◦ How LABELS affect the way we view the world, and the way the world views us
◦ How living in a diverse community has shaped our perspectives
◦ Boxes we can sometimes feel confined to; whether it may be racially, sexually, spiritually, professionally or artistically - and how we are learning to break free

Special Thank you to UforChange for allowing us to use your space for our discussions. UforChange is a non-for profit organization, which aims to mentor youth in their artistic and aspirational pursuits, in an inclusive community. Follow UforChange @UforChange

Much love ♥