Ep. 10 True Power Featuring Claire Mortifee

Vancouver-born, Toronto-based Alt. R&B singer Claire Mortifee creates music that is timeless and soulfully touching. Not only is the sound of her music moving, her presence is too. The energy she brings is peaceful and radiant. Since releasing her debut album Medicines (2017), Mortifee has received critical praise and attention from around the globe. We were blessed enough to interview her to discuss her music, story, inspiration, creative process and outlook on life. This episode will leave you feeling ready to embrace your true power and magic!

Claire Mortifee @Clairemortifee



Mackenta @Mackentamusic

Some things we discuss on this episode:

◦  Being open to the elements of magic and reclaiming your true self  

◦  Tapping into your energy and space 

◦  Manifesting the changes you want to see in your life 

◦  What is true power? 

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