EP. 01 Know Yourself

On our first episode we introduce ourselves, and reflect on the importance of knowing yourself. We get real about some of our challenges and triumphs along the way, and discuss how the way you feel about yourself reflects the way you express yourself.

This Episode Featuring:

Mackenta @Mackentamusic

 Tabisha @Tabishabond / @Wellfitbond

 Courtney @Mirrorssmoke / @Compasspoetry

 Ashleeca @LexxieAshleeca

 Ali @A.claire 

Some things we discuss on this episode:
◦ How does social media play into how our generation expresses ourselves?
◦ We debate: Is an artist responsible for any potential negative influence on others when expressing their truth?
◦ Overcoming battles with drugs and heartbreak
◦ Figuring out how to realize and honour your own needs

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Special Thank you to UforChange for allowing us to use your space for our discussions. UforChange is a non-for profit organization, which aims to mentor youth in their artistic and aspirational pursuits, in an inclusive community. Follow UforChange @UforChange