Ep. 09 Quality Takes Time - Featuring Kiana "Rookz" Eastmond

Kiana "Rookz" Eastmond is a force to be reckoned with. She's an entrepreneur, creative director, music A&R, mentor, and the founder of Sandbox Studios. She has a wealth of experience in the music industry, in activating businesses and in LIFE. We were lucky enough to chat with her about the Toronto music scene, mental health, and the journey of success. She shares her incredible personal story, and explains how quality takes time. Rookz drops gems the entire episode, so you do not want to miss this one! 

This Episode Featuring:

Rookz @rookz 



 Ashleeca @LexxieAshleeca

 Courtney @Mirrorssmoke / @Compasspoetry

Mackenta @Mackentamusic

Some things we discuss on this episode:

◦  Having patience in your success journey and taking your time to create quality work 

◦ The in's and out's of the Toronto music industry

◦  Doing thing's your way and taking people's opinions with a grain of salt

◦  Building your professional team based on spiritual tribe 

◦ How your attitude is shaped by your external diet: food, habits, music, perspective etc.  

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